Lumens DC211 Ladibug Document Camera

  • An Auto-Focus High Resolution document camera with SXGA clarity.
  • Lumens Document Camera Portable SXGA 2 VGA
  • Record audio and video in your computer via USB.
  • Enlarge images through 20x Mechanical Zoom and 10x Digital Zoom.
  • Internal memory for up to 120 JPEG images, Pan Across the Screen to enlarge any image.

The Lumens SXGA Document Camera is a compact SXGA resolution portable document camera. It comes with 8x mechanical zoom and 6x digital zoom capability and a manual focus to easily capture all the details. It is an Excellent Value for your money.Easy Usage. Lumen has made it easy to use their products. The DC211 Document Camera comes with a remote control that helps you to close or open programs with a click. You don’t need to be standing close to the camera, you can be walking in the classroom.Clear Resolution. A great feature of the DC211 Document Camera is that it comes with SXGA high resolution. This resolution captures crisp images and the magnifier can enlarge small fonts so that the students can easily read them from the whiteboard.Memory Card. The internal memory card of the DC211 Document Camera can hold up to 120 JPEG images. These images can be used in slide shows, can be enlarged on the screen for the students view.No Techie. You don’t have to be a techie to install the DC211 Document Camera. It comes with software for both PC and Mac, and instruction guide. Just follow the simple instructions and in no time you’ll be operating the camera.


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